EX II 1000SC 串口电容式控制器

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【导读】:EX II 1000SC 串口电容式控制器系列简介     MicroTouch™ EX II ASIC 提供了一种新型电子平台,使得控制器具有弹性的设计、丰富的功能和创新的特性。EX II 的高复杂性集成电路提供了用户期望的高触碰性能和高可靠性。 A Sophisticated Electro

EX II 1000SC 串口电容式控制器系列简介

    MicroTouch™ EX II ASIC 提供了一种新型电子平台,使得控制器具有弹性的设计、丰富的功能和创新的特性。EX II 的高复杂性集成电路提供了用户期望的高触碰性能和高可靠性。

A Sophisticated Electronics Solution

    The MicroTouch™ EX II Series Controllers bring flexibility and feature-rich functionality to capacitive and resistive touch screen applications. This high performance electronics platform is based on the innovative MicroTouch™ EX II ASIC, designed to provide higher resolution touch coordinates, on-chip RAM, and a wider operating temperature range. With expanded regulatory approvals, improved power modes, and enhanced ESD and EMI protection, this controller series is a robust solution for popular touch applications.

Making the Difference-Advanced Capabilities

    The EX II series showcases a number of innovative new features. Standard firmware loaded at the factory can be easily replaced in the future with downloadable, newer revisions containing additional functionality. This field upgrade capability means access to the latest 3M Touch Systems firmware features with minimal downtime for upgrades.

    The EX II series supports both ClearTek™ capacitive and 5-wire resistive touch screens, using the same board size and mounting hole locations. System manufacturers that start with one touch screen technology can move to the other using the same electronic hardware footprint and feature-rich software drivers, simplifying the transition and shortening development cycles. Considered the premium controller for resistive systems, the EX II enables 5-wire resistive touch screens to work in "current-driven" mode, where the X and Y coordinates are calculated with a single measurement, shortening touch response time to 8 ms (typical).

EX II 1000SC 串口电容式控制器系列 EX II 1000SC 串口电容式控制器系列

EX II 1000SC 串口电容式控制器系列产品特点

  • Firmware download capability provides flexibility
  • Supports both MicroTouch™ 5-wire Resistive and ClearTek™ capacitive touch screens
  • High touch coordinate resolution of 16k x 16k*
  • Current-driven advantage for resistive touch screens
  • RS232 Serial and USB compliant interfaces

EX II 1000SC 串口电容式控制器系列购买联系方式

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